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A New Set of LJ Bases Everyday!
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:~: About :~:

bases_daily is an up and coming “Daily” community that aspires to provide its members a new set of LJ Bases everyday. We accept both makers and non-makers and are open to everyone who wishes to join. The community itself is run and maintained by me ( etelka ) and I hope to make it a success.

:~: Community Rules :~:

1. No flaming, insults or bad behaviour will be tolerated. If a person is seen doing this they will receive a warning, if they persist they will be removed from the community.
2. Upon joining the community please complete the “Info Sheet” that is located at the bottom of this page. Please post this under an LJ-Cut.
3. Any Icon posts that contain more than 4 bases must be posted under an LJ-Cut.
4. If taking any icons please comment to let the maker know that you are. Whether credit or not is required is at the makers own discretion.
5. No Hotlinking! Please save and upload any icons to your won account/server.

:~: Rules for Icon Making :~:

1. All icons must conform to the standard limitations laid down by Live Journal (doi, lol)
2. As this is a bases community, the icons should not have any text on them. Animations and “mini-movie” are accepted.
3. Please state clearly whether or not you bases are customisable and whether or not credit is required.
4. If you are using art work for a collection of bases, please make sure you have read and understood the artists copy right information, or have asked permission directly if required. When posted please give the name a possible URL of the original artist for sufficient credit.

:~: Rules for Requests :~:

1. Post all requests under an LJ-Cut that’s clearly labelled.
2. Provide as much information as possible regarding your requests to make the person(s) whom fills the request task easier.
3. Be patient. The person whom undertakes the request may not be able to fill it straight away.
4. Please URL to any large images that you want. Smaller ones are o.k. to go ahead an post.
5. Be courteous. The person who has filled the request deserves you thanks.

:~: Info Sheet :~:

This is to be competed on joining of the community:
Maker or Non-Maker?:
Willing to take requests? Yes/No:
Favourite Fandom to make icons from?:
A little about me: